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Dance ......

Is Transformative
Builds confidence and focus
Is creative and imaginative

Building confident young people one dancer at a time

The Magic Toyshop- Dec 2023 Show

More than a dance studio.

More like a family.

Founded in 2014, it was inspired by the desire of its artistic director to share her passion for the beauty and rigors of classical ballet with the next generation of dancers, in the hope that they too would come to love and treasure the exhilaration of ballet.

What our Ballet Family has to Say

Thank you so much for the wonderful work that you continue to do with the girls.....


Thank you for being an awesome teacher. Continuing to teach our girls during this pandemic....

Thank you aunty for facilitating the sessions it gave them something to look forward to ...

Thank you for continuing to work hard with our kids at this trying time and giving them classes to look forward to. We truly appreciate it.

We would highly recommend this school to anyone. The teacher is great....She is very patient with the students 

We appreciate the efforts that you have made to keep our girls motivated through dance during the pandemic.....

This child makes me so proud, to the parents out there, they (students) do not only benefit from dancing but also from discipline, and the teacher also develops these young ladies to be future leaders. I am so proud of the work being done here.

Ballet has been a lifeline for her during the pandemic. Thank you so much 



Students can begin to enjoy their ballet studies from age 4 through to young adult.


For the dance aficionados, enthusiasts and the curious we have Adult Beginner classes; its never too late to begin dancing. 

We offer classes in East (St. Augustine & Arouca) & San Fernando


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