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You Know You're a Ballet dancer when.....

Updated: Nov 16, 2017

1. You point your toes in aerobics class

2. You curtsey when you meet your ballet teacher in the grocery

3. You arabesque to reach objects on a high shelf

4. You grand jete at the beach

5. You still find glitter in your hair 3 weeks later

6. 'Good girl' is the greatest compliment

7. Cracking your hips and back is the greatest feeling

8. Classical music excites rather than relaxes you

9. 'And' is a number

10. Telling your hairdresser 'No, No, it has to be long enough for a bun'

11. Missing one rehearsal feels like the end of the world

12. Sheer panic 2 seconds before going on stage

13. The site of wooden floors and a piano excite you

14. You can say 'I did a dance to this music'

15. You can dance for hours but can't run for 2 minutes

16. Your excuse to friends is always 'sorry I can't, I have rehearsal'

17. You feel the need to pirouette around an empty room

18. You can change your clothes and shoes in 15 seconds

19. Everyone asks 'can you go up on your toes?'

20. You can relate to all of the above #leballetschooltt

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