Classes start 7 September 2020.  Registration closes : 10 Oct 2020

Registration after this date is subject to availability of space.

In accordance with Ministry of Health Public Health Regulations due to COVID 19 ALL classes will be conducted ONLINE via Zoom.

1/2 TERM starts 19 Oct 

50% OFF




Two classes per week are required for students 7+ who wish to be considered for examinations.


New Term:           7 Sept 2020

Beginners (Ages: 4-5)     Saturday        9.45- 10.30 am 


Primary(Ages: 6-7)         Friday            3.30 - 4.15 pm

Grade 1 (Ages: 7-8)         Friday:           4.30- 5.15 pm

Grade 2 (Ages: 8-9)        Monday          4.00- 4.45 pm

                                          Saturday:        8.45- 9.30 am


Grade  3 (Ages: 9-12)     Monday          5.00 - 6.00 pm                                                                    Saturday:        7.45 - 8.45 am                                          

Grade 6   (Ages: 13+)     Monday           6.05 -7.05 pm                                                                    Wednesday      6.06- 7.05 pm


Registration Fee is due payable by 10  Oct in order to secure a spot in class and is to be paid via Bank Transfer (details provided upon registration)

Fees are to be paid in full at the 1st class of the term.

(Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable).


Each term runs between 11 to 12 weeks.


One Class per week                                $750.00 per term

Two classes per week                             $1,000.00 per term

Three classes per week                          $1,125.00 per term


Given the current economic climate we have waived the New Student Registration Fee of $300.00. WAIVED for the Sept/Dec Term only


All fees are subject to revision




Before you join classes

  • You are responsible for ensuring the space you undertaken this online class in is suitable and safe. This includes ensuring the space is a sufficient size to accommodate you moving freely and the space should also be free from obstacles/ dangerous items.

  • You should not allow your siblings/others to participate alongside you, unless you have at least 2 metres between you, an appropriate space such as a large room / studio, and they are of the appropriate dance level to take part.

  • We require you to inform the teacher of any injuries or conditions that they need to be aware of. If this is of a personal nature, you should send an email to the relevant school email address the 1 day before the class.

  • We accept no liability for any injuries sustained by those participating in the classes, nor do we accept any liability for damage to personal property caused during the dance classes.

  • All under 16s must be supervised during the class by an appropriate adult.


By signing up to take part in these online classes, and in being a part of our dance community, you agree to adhere to the above terms.


Fees are to be paid via Online Banking or Bank Deposit. Bank details are given upon registration

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