Classes start 19 April 2021.  

Studio spaces are limited due to COVID 19 protocols on class sizes. As such registration after this date is subject to availability of space.

In-studio classes are being offered to senior students only this Term

Beginners (Ages: 4-5)    Saturday        10.00 am            Online 


Primary(Ages: 6-7)       Friday              3.30 pm           Online  


Grade 1 (Ages: 8-9)      Monday:           4.00 pm           Online

                                        Wednesday:     4.00 pm           Online


Grade  3 (Ages: 11-12)  Monday            5.00 pm          Online

                                        Wednesday:      5.00 pm          Online 


Grade 6   (Ages: 16+)     Monday:           6.00 pm         Online

       Wednesday:     6.00 pm         Online

                                         Saturday:          6.45 am        Tacarigua


Fees are payable in full at the 1st class and are to be paid via Bank Transfer/Deposit (details provided upon registration)

(Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable).


New Term : 19 Apr to 26 Jun 2021


One Class per week                    $TT 750.00 (US$120)/term

Two classes per week                 $TT 1,000.00 (US$160)/term

Three classes per week               $TT 1,200.00 (US$190)/term

Registration Fee                          $TT 300.00 (US$50) 


All fees are subject to revision


Fees are to be paid via Online Banking or Bank Deposit. Bank details are given upon registration

For Payments outside of T&T use the PAYPAL button